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Stay tuned for Block House volunteer opportunities and summer program announcements in the weeks ahead!

Starve the Beast



The Trust for Governors Island announced four new Year-Round Cultural Tenants and the IPA is one of them! We are so proud to share this breaking news, as we prepare in the weeks and months ahead to occupy our new Residency home at the historic Block House on the vibrant Nolan campus.



Says IPA Founder Jonathan Kirschenfeld: ‘This is a game-changing opportunity for the IPA to fulfill long-held aspirations dating to our founding in 2009, specifically, to establish a residency campus for architecture, planning and design practitioners connected to the urban lab of New York, but within a contemplative immediate setting. We look forward to adding to the vibrancy of the Nolan campus with our robust public presentations, open studios, exhibitions and workshops’.



Nadine Maleh, acting Executive Director and Board member, adds: ‘Inaugurated in 2014, our unique IPA Residency Program has up until now been organized as a “mobile,” neighborhood-based program that offers participants the venue for collaborative research, design work and public programming. The year-round opportunity offered at the Governors Island Block House will allow us to expand upon this eight-week immersive studio by offering 5-10-month residencies to practitioners, scholars and students from around the world.’

Read the full release

Inside Look: 9 Nolan, or "the Block House" was constructed in 1839 and has served a number of purposes as a hospital, the HQ of the Military Division of the Atlantic, and most recently as the overnight accommodation for ferry operators. Image credit: The Trust for Governors Island

About our Residency


The 2021 edition of the biennial Freeways Without Futures report highlights local
campaigns to replace urban highways with boulevards, parks and building programs more suitable for an urban setting. Proposals produced during the IPA's 2020 Residency "TO BE OR NOT TO BQE," which considered what could be built in place of the BQE if it was fully or partially dismantled, are featured in the report.

Read the full report here

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