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2018 Residency:


IPA located our 2018 Residency in Queens, the largest and most diverse borough in New York City. Our Fellows utilized and made accessible community district data, as-of-right zoning, and other relevant mapping research for the neighborhoods surrounding Flushing Meadow Corona Park. Combined with the leveraging of under-utilized neighborhood assets and untapped spatial opportunities, the Fellows worked with community members to create innovative and appropriately scaled design responses.

Download a PDF for a graphic overview of the 2018 Residency

Nupoor Monani

Hayrettin Gunc

Alexandra Paty-Díaz

Ignacio Cardona

Andrew Lassiter

Jessica Morris

Crystal Jane Eksi

Jocelyn Pak Drummond

Damyanti Radheshwar

Mark Fiedler

Elaine Sun

Mike Nickerson

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