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2022 Fall Fellowship

Reconnecting Communities across the BQE: 
Unraveling Moses’ Legacy

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Call for Applications
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Applications have Closed



Selected Teams

Design Team

September 25, 2022
11:59 PM

October 13 -
December 1, 2022  

October 6, 2022


Questions & Answers

Can students currently enrolled in part-time or full-time courses apply?

Yes. There are no specific age or degree requirements to apply for the 2022 Fall Fellowship, as long as all team members are able to meet the 20 hour/week time commitment for the duration of the fellowship.

Does the time commitment apply for each team member or the team as a whole? 

The 20 hour/week time commitment applies to each team member. In general, all team members should attend as many meetings as possible for the duration of the fellowship. 

Can our proposed project engage areas outside of the seven catchment areas outlined in the Call for Applications?

Although we encourage the proposed project to be limited to these areas, we are open to considering adjacent areas of study if they relate to the general theme of the fellowship. Please include your intentions in your application materials.

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