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What is a Vibrant, Healthy Community?

December 2015

IPA convenes HPD’s Daniel Hernandez, DOH’s Nupur Chaudhury, Desbrisay + Smith Architects, and Delos’ Ross Gutler on important topic of healthy communities. Moderated by the masterful Marlon Williams from DOHMH.


This event addressed questions including: What are the criteria by which we evaluate whether a neighborhood is vibrant and healthy? What are the key levers impacting communities and how do we interpret this data to effect change?


On the occasion of the exhibition, Designing Affordability: Quicker, Smarter, More Efficient Housing Now, The Center for Architecture and the Institute for Public Architecture will convene a panel to look at what affordability means in a much broader context, beyond mere housing and to questions of living. Together we will examine how affordability, health, job opportunities, local economies, and accesibility impact the vibrancy and health of a neighborhood and contribute to longer-term structures of cost savings.

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