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City Lab - Here Are the Urban Highways That Deserve to Die

Car Free America - Reconnecting Cities through Urban Highway Removals


Intelligencer - Here’s a Solution for Fixing the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway: Get Rid of It

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you clarify the min/max size of the teams?
A: Min size is 2, max is 3 persons. 

Q: Is it okay to submit an application individually ? 
A: Yes, but the IPA may ask you to work with another Fellow.

Q: Should the teams include participants from all the sectors to fully vet the implementation of an idea?(planner, landscape, transportation) or can the proposal be more conceptual or radical/ but ok if everything is not fully figured out? 
A: Ideally, team members should represent different disciplines as best as possible within the 2-3 person teams.

Q: Can you clarify the amount of the stipend? 
A: Amount of modest stipend is yet to be determined. 

Q: I have a question regarding the participation requirement. If we have a team of few people, is the whole team expected or required to attend the meetings? Or can we designate an individual to represent the team? 
A: Not all team members have to attend all meetings - but all team members must attend all public presentations/panels. 

Q: In light of the pandemic, is physical presence to the event required? 
A: Yes, until further notice.

Q: Should the proposal include a specific section of the BQE to focus on, or does the IPA plan on assigning specific sections (or the entire thing)? 
A: Applicants should focus on a specific section encompassing one or more Community Boards along the BQE and the IPA may at its discretion, re-assign areas to achieve full coverage of the BQE amongst the Fellows. 

Q: I am interested in applying to your BQE Residency program with a team looking at the Prospect Expressway. If you are not familiar, the Prospect Expressway is a trenched expressway stub connecting the BQE to Ocean Parkway. Is this adjacent enough to the BQE (with many of the same issues at play) that you would consider it for the Residency?
A: The primary area of focus must be along the BQE proper, but proposals could extend beyond that to include adjacent areas.

Q: Does the IPA imagine the fellowship would lead to building projects, or would process-based, educational projects be of interest (for instance, creating open-source toolkits and workshops for the community in conjunction with design interventions)? 
A: Proposals may eventually lead to building projects but realistically not in the immediate future. IPA plans to have Fellows’ work published in the IPA book series and toolkits/workshops are encouraged as tools for community engagement and education.

Q: Does each team member need to submit a work sample, or is it meant as a single, collective document for the entire team? 
A: Each member should submit a work sample, resume and other requirements as listed in the submission requirements.

Q: Does the project synopsis need visuals or just words ?
A: If you wish to include visual documentation with your project synopsis, that is optional.

Q: How do I show on paper my 20 hour/week commitment ? 
A: A statement to that effect should be sufficient.

Q: Please confirm that the references required are contact details for two individuals who will provide references, not two letters of references submitted directly. 
A: Confirmed.

Submit additional questions to info@the-ipa.org and we will get back to you!