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2016 Residency: 

Live/ Work for the Workforce


While housing affordability is a major concern for many different groups, the younger ‘makers’ who come to NYC_ artists, digital designers, single entrepeneurs, performers, undocumented workers , culinary trainees, etc. are facing a critical challenge in finding both affordable housing and work space. In fact, the Mayor’s 10-year housing plan includes 3000 units of artist/live-work housing, but at the moment there is no funding or zoning mechanisms to support this initiative. Therefore, the 2016  IPA residency focused on proposals for innovative ways to provide a ‘starter home’ for these young workers and at the same time preserve and augment the burgeoning but fragile recovery of light manufacturing in NYC.


Located in Sunset Park, the IPA’s Fellows Residency Program provided the space, time, and community of practice, to 11 Fellows to develop design concepts enabling the creation of affordable live/work spaces for artists and “makers” that specifically address these issues of development without neighborhood displacement.   


credit to Michael Wen Sen Su for video

Amaritha Mahesh

Julie Torres Moskovitz

Angela Co

Stephan Fan

Despo Thoma

Thaddeus Pawlowski

Emily Arden

Xiaoyin Li

Emma Fuller

Zachary Stevens

Jieun Yang

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